Welcome to Swamp Dog K9 Academy!

13877 Roachton Road
Perrysburg Ohio 43551

About Us:

After competing in Ultimate Air Dog events at Anderson's and the NWO Rib off we were hooked on the sport of dock diving. My friends and I began competing in events in Michigan, all the while wishing we had some where closer to practice and compete. Most of the local ponds and lakes are so polluted that we had to bathe the dogs after a day of swimming. That's when my friends and I started talking about getting our own pool. After a couple of years bantering, I was talking to Pam Addy who owns the farm, Fantasy Acres, where I board my horse. She liked the idea of getting into dog activities and offered an area of her hayfield to set up a pool.

Thus began our new adventure, Swamp Dogs. Swamp Dogs isn't just for dock diving. We're open to anyone who wants to teach their dog to swim. Families come out and swim together with their dog. It's all about bonding, getting exercise, and enriching your life with your four legged friends.

We look forward to meeting both you and your dog!